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Ahmed Khattab February 8, 2012 15:04

get OpenFOAM source code
Dear Foamers,

i have installed OpenFOAM2.1.1 but i want to get the source code of it.

especially i want to read .so files.

can i install the source code besides the installed software?.

if yes how can i get yhe source code?.

thanks in advance.

mturcios777 February 8, 2012 16:27

The source code is ALWAYS included. The best way to browse the source is to use the Doxygen documentation:

You can search for a specific libarary/class/member/application/file name, or just browse through at your leisure. You can also compile Doxygen locally so you can read through without an Internet connection. The .so files you are talking about are already compiled files.

elvis February 9, 2012 05:48


  • git clone git://

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