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Marshak February 8, 2012 20:49

adding radiation to reactingFoam solver
I tried to add the radiation source term for reactingFoam in 'hs' equation and then included the header files for radiation in the reactingFoam.C and also modified the 'file' and 'options'. But when I try to run the case, everything runs fine except the radiation intensity 'G' is not calculated at each time step. My mesh is a sector mesh of a cylindrical domain and I have 'wedge' boundary condition for the periodic boundaries. Can anyone help me what can be the problem?

Has someone tried to add radiation in reactingFoam?

megacrout February 13, 2012 06:43

Hey Marshak,

I spent quite a lot of time playing around with reactingFoam and porousExplicitSourceReactingParcelFoam (on OF 1.7.1 though). You should have a look at the second one. It is an extension of reactingFoam and takes radiation, porosity and explicit (mass, energy and momentum) sources into account.

It can also handle multiple phases but I did not look much into it. I know however, that because of it, this solver is based on the thermo package icoPoly8 and that leads to pretty important discrepancies in the results if you donīt implement your data (very) carefully.

So, in short: I managed compiling a custom reactingFoam from pESRPF, that handles radiation and porous domains for one single (gaseous) phase using Janaf/Sutherland. However, I only ran simulations with a version in which I deactivated the radiation properties. Got reasonable results (not validated yet) but I obviously canīt say anything about radiation except that it can be done.

Your case sounds interesting and Iīd probably give your problem a shot but Iīm in the end phase of a project and just canīt do more than that at the moment.

Hope that helps (or at least relieves =D ).


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