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jignesh_thaker2007 February 17, 2012 05:17

Paraview Animation
Hi Everybody,

I install the latest version of paraview 3.12.0 but one problem arise from it:-
when I want to save an animation, I don't have the possibiliy to save an animation in avi format (only jpg, tiff or png format). Can someone tell me how can i save the animation in .avi format?

please help me


niqbal February 17, 2012 05:27

One way is to compile your paraview with the python option and then there is a possibility to save the animation (I have not tried it by myself yet). There is an other way that I used to do is to convert your jpeg's into a movie by the "convert" command available in Linux.

niklas February 17, 2012 05:36

or use mencoder

mencoder "mf://pics.0*.jpg" -mf fps=10 -o movie.avi -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=msmpeg4v2:vbitrate=1000

wyldckat February 18, 2012 07:36

Greetings to all!

For the sake of completeness, a very similar question was asked about a month ago and here is the end result: post #7

Best regards,

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