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helloworld11 February 23, 2012 12:21

Average values on Boundary Conditions
Hi everyone,
I am quite new to OpenFoam world and I need some help. I would like to calculate average values of velocity and pressure on my boundary patches. Any idea how can I do it? Any help will be appreciated :)

bigphil February 23, 2012 13:00


You could use the patchAverage and/or the patchIntegrate post processing OpenFOAM utilities.

For example, to calculate the average pressure on a patch called myInlet:

patchAverage p myInlet

helloworld11 February 23, 2012 13:09

Hello Philip,
Thank your for your answer. I just tied patchAverage p inlet for my case works fine.
But for the velocity values if type patchAverage U inlet, I get the error :

Only possible to average volScalarFields

Is there any way to over come that error?

bigphil February 23, 2012 13:16


patchIntegrate and patchAverage only operate on volScalarFields, so if you decompose your velocity field into its components first using foamCalc, i.e.

foamCalc components U
Then you can run patchAverage on each component:

patchAverage Ux myInlet
You can also use foamCalc to do other things like calculate the magnitude of a volVectorField:

foamCalc mag U
If you type something like "foamCalc banana" it will give you all the options.


helloworld11 February 23, 2012 13:24


I followed the instructions you gave and now I am able to get values. Thank you very much.

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