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hei@ge March 7, 2012 02:59

snappyhexmesh user guide
I am now learning snappyhexmesh ,but there are little paper to study.and i see the user guide ,but i can not download.If you have it,please give it to me .Thanks a lot.My e-mail is

anon_a March 7, 2012 04:37

The user guide can be downloaded in pdf from

There are several posts in the forum concerning snappyHexMesh, just use the search function first. You can also try some tutorials, such as the following in version 2.0.1

hei@ge March 7, 2012 06:04

Thanks a lot .anon_a,I have another question:after conduct snappyhexmesh,i should conduct the solver in which time .Tank you very much.

anon_a March 7, 2012 06:11

If I understand correctly, you are wondering about the startTime that you must use after running sHM, because it produces several time directories. In fact, these directories contain the mesh in different stages.

I can think of the following two options: You may use "latestTime" in controlDict so that it uses the most complete version of the mesh (the last time directory). Or, you can call sHM with "snappyHexMesh -overwrite" so that the mesh is overwritten and you only have the initial conditions directory. In the latter case, you can use "startTime" in controlDict, as always.

I always choose the second option to avoid confusion, unless I only want to check the differences between various grid stages.

hei@ge March 7, 2012 06:23

You understand my question very correctly.If i choose the first opioion,i think i should copy some folder to the latest time folder.right?this folder should contain 0 folder.I hope you can give my fault.Thanks a lot.

hei@ge March 7, 2012 06:34

I understand it .Thank you very much.thanks.

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