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andrea.pasquali March 7, 2012 11:30

Effective Conductivity in the Porous Medium
I'd like to introduce porous medium conductivity like:


K_eff = porosity * K_fluid + ( 1 - porosity ) * K_porous_medium
Did someone already meet this problem?
I'm thinking something like this:


read porosity
read K_porous_medium

for cell_ID in mesh
K = Cp*alpha
if cell_ID is in pZones
K = poroisty*Cp*alpha + (1-porosity)*K_porous_medium
Could it be reasonable?
In hEqn.H OpenFOAM looks for:


If I implement my "new" K definition, I have to change also the hEqn.H or the turb.alphaEff is automatically revalutated?

Thanks for any advice.


feldy77 April 17, 2013 21:06

Dear Andrea,
Have you already figured out answer to you question?
If yes, please share it with me.
Many thanks, Yuri

andrea.pasquali April 18, 2013 09:07

Hi Yuri,
I am sorry but I did not go ahead with this topic.
I remember I overcame the problem using different regions and defining the correct K for each one.


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