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mchurchf March 14, 2012 15:51

Preconditioner Details
Can someone please point me toward a reference that describes the diagonal incomplete Cholesky preconditioning used in OpenFOAM? It would be much appreciated. What I don't understand is the "diagonal" part. What exactly does that mean?

Thank you,


ingcorra August 21, 2013 10:35

Hi! Did you find anything useful meanwhile? I'm facing the same problem... I don't understand what exactly 'diagonal-based' means. Thanks

cfdonline2mohsen August 24, 2013 15:34

Dear Foamers
Have a look at the following references for more details (especially the Jacob report 1980):

P. K. Khosla, and S. G. Rubin, “A diagonally dominant second-order accurate implicit scheme”, Computers and Fluids, 2:207-209, 1974.

M. R. Hestens, and E. L. Steifel, “Method of conjugate gradients for solving
linear systems”, Journal of Research, 29:409-436, 1952.

D. A. H. Jacobs, “Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient methods for solving
systems of algebraic equations”, Central Electricity Research Laboratories
Report, RD/L/N193/80, 1980.

H. A. Van Der Vorst, “Bi-CGSTAB: A fast and smoothly converging variant of Bi-CG for the solution of nonsymmetric linear systems”, SIAM J. Scientific Computing, 13(2):631-644, 1992.

immortality August 25, 2013 05:45

whats the differences between preconditioners and smoothers?
is there some references about DICGaussSeidel and/or DILUGaussSeidel?
what about solver "smoothSolver"?

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