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bababanamzdaalma April 4, 2012 20:13

problem compiling spalart allmaras model
hi everyone;

I have a problem compiling the my own spartal allmaras turbulence model. I want to set the private member function fv3 to 1 but I don`t have the code to do that. I don`t know how to change that part of the current code which is;

tmp<volScalarField> mySpalartAllmaras::fv3
const volScalarField& chi,
const volScalarField& fv1
) const
const volScalarField chiByCv2((1/Cv2_)*chi);

(scalar(1) + chi*fv1)
*(3*(scalar(1) + chiByCv2) + sqr(chiByCv2))
/pow3(scalar(1) + chiByCv2);

can anyone help me about this issue. Thanks for your concern

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