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prasanth April 7, 2012 00:34

Remeshing in OpenFOAM
Hello All,

I am struggling while doing dynamic mesh in OpenFOAM. Remeshing is not doing properly while using dynamicMotionSolverFVMesh. I am using directional diffusivity. Here, there are vector components. According to my understanding these are related to orthogonality and skewness. I am giving 10 and 1. while giving these parameters, upto some level, skewness is under control. After some time skewness problems occuring, This is because of remeshing is not happening. Mesh is simply stretching. If remeshing is doing properly, then aspectratio and skewness are under control.

Will it be possible in OpenFOAM? If so, please help me, how to do it. I have tried this library with both hexa meshing and tetra meshing.


daron October 7, 2017 17:41

I have same problem. Did you find out anyting?

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