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Sam-CFD April 13, 2012 06:48

VOF simulation in OpenFOAM
Hello everyone,

I have a few basic questions about doing a free surface simulation in OpenFOAM as I am relatively new to it. I have a fairly good experience in FLUENT, CFX and Star CCM+ to implement such problems but am facing a few problems while repeating it in OpenFOAM.

1. While using the interFOAM solver, why do the residual information have nothing about the convergence history of the momentum equations? In the other solvers mentioned above, I always have the three momentum and continuity equations' convergence history. Is there anything special about the interFOAM solver?

2. I am trying to simulate a tank draining problem and it is expected that air ingestion might take place from the outlet due to some initial swirl in the liquid, i.e., reverse flow is expected at the outlet. The top is exposed to the atmosphere. Which boundary conditions would you recommend? When I tried to use the conditions given in the dam_break problem (i.e., both the tank_top and outlet have conditions similar to 'atmosphere' as in the dam_break case) , something strange is happening - flow is coming unexpectedly quickly into the domain from the outlet.

Thankfully awaiting some help from you all.



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