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sail April 14, 2012 10:40

-solved- [OF1.6-ext] icoFsiFoam not present
Dear All.

I'm starting to perform some Fsi simulations with openfoam.

after some googling i've found that icoFsiFoam might be what i need so, in order to start playing with it and not mess up with my 2.0.x machine, i've set up a Vm in virtuabox, installed ubuntu 10.04 lts and installed OF1.6-ext -dev -docs from the binaries, following the howto on the wiki

all went good and well. everything is working fine, meaning that who took kare of making such a complex sw available as a distributuion did a fantastic job.

unfortunately i cannot find the fsi solver. from what i've read in the forum:

it is ported to the 1.6-ext (page 3 of the second link, now working in parallel) and tutorials for it should be found in /usr/shared/doc/openfoam-1.6-ext/examples/stressAnalysis but it isn't here.

any suggestions or ideas to help me get it up and running will be welcome.

sail April 14, 2012 10:58

nevermind, i found a testcase here and managed to test the installation. it actually works.

thanks again.

Ps, if anybody have others case files, i'd be glad to take a look at them. :D

elvis April 16, 2012 11:32

Hi Vieri,

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