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sersunzo June 13, 2012 04:25

easy to implement and well documented file format for paraview
Hi everybody,

I am writing a small CFD code for a specific application. It is a hybrid continuum-atomistic simulation. A larger domain is solved with a CFD algorithm while some specific parts are solved with a molecular dynamics (MD) approach. The two domains are patched together in such a way that each part provides the boundary conditions for the other one. For visualization of the MD part, there is no problem, but for the CFD output I am not sure what file format to choose.
I was thinking at the PLOT3D file format, but it is not very well documented online.
Do you have any suggestion of a specific file format, well documented, readable by paraview and easy to implement that I can use for writing the CFD results?

Thanks in advance


P.S: My data will be a set of velocity vectors and scalar field (pressure, temperature, concentrations) calculated at specific nodes (xyz) of the domain and the geometry will be not particularly complex (e.g. a sphere or a cube in a rectangular channel)

wyldckat June 13, 2012 17:24

Greetings Alessio,

Google gave me these:
Search expressions I used:
  • vtk file format
  • vtk file format example
Best regards,

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