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abentonite June 23, 2012 17:10

shaded area
Independently from paraview version, When looking at my results, I get on a specific computer, and only on that computer, a small shaded area. Do you have any idea where it can come from.

wyldckat June 24, 2012 04:19

Greetings Alain and welcome to the forum!

Usually that is related to driver problems for the graphics card. It has been reported several issues when things aren't working properly, such as grey areas, no rendering, outright crashing and sometimes completely blocking the machine. All of this is not ParaView's fault, but it's the drivers which are at fault.

I've been compiling over time a list of fixes for ParaView, that people have reported here on the forum... mostly on OpenFOAM's side of the forums: Related issues to ParaView with OpenFOAM - Fixes and solutions
Not every solution is listed there, so even after you've read through the links provided there, you might need to do some more searching. If you're unable to find the solution, gives us some more details about the Operating System you're using and the graphics card in question.

Nonetheless, if you do find the solution, please describe those same details about your system, along with the solution, so I can add that page!

Best regards,

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