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paradutch August 27, 2012 01:57

Cannot add pv-meshless plugin to paraview
Hi All,

I've been trying to build the pv-meshless plugin against paraview (build from source) and when running ccmake on the plugin codes I keep getting:

CMake Error at pv-common/CMakeLists.txt:70
Unknown CMake command "ADD_PARAVIEW_PLUGIN".

The ADD_PARAVIEW_PLUGIN macro is apparently somehow not defined. Anyone know what I did wrong or what I should change when configuring (using cmake) either paraview or the plugins?

I have followed the instructions (in detail) on

to install Paraview, and

for installing pv-common and pv-meshless.

I have no idea what's going wrong. I've tried this both on Linux (ubuntu) and Mac OSX but with the same result (and error message).

Thanks for any help!

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