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MR_Chicho September 21, 2012 06:07

Some Paraview Issues I can not solve
Hi all,

this is my first post. Although It's been a while since I take a look at cfd online and the forums, I never registered before.

I am sorry to start at the forums with questions and problems, but this is really giving me a bad headache. I've been working with paraview for some time, but I just plotted some contours and iso-surfaces until now, some I'm quiet familiar with paraview, but not a experienced user though.

The issues I'm having with paraview are the following:

- The data I am using (I load a .case file with EnSight Gold format) have 3 columns for x, y and z components of velocity. I would like to use glyphs/stream trace filters, but as far as I know those filters only work with vectors. I have been trying to alter the data and merge those columns into a vector using the calculator filter... it didn't work. I can figure out how can I use those components to plot streamtraces or glyphs.

- Another issue I'm having is related to the integrate variables filer. Whenever I apply it, I get all the columns in my loaded data integrated. I would only want to integrate one vairable (I applied calculator filer providing as result the variable I want to integrate and work properl) but I would like to integrate it along another independent variable. How does the integrate variable filter work? I can not see how it is performing the integral.

- I need to work with different solutions for the same mesh. I load them separately at the pipeline, I apply the filers I need to both of the data loaded... but when it come to apply a calculator filter I cannot continue: I would need to compare and plot the diferenc between variables that belong to different data files. As long as I am aware, one can only manage the variables that belong the item of the pipeline where the calculator filter is applied. That is a problem for me as I can not achieve the comparison between a variable of the item A and another one of item B. I have tried to group the data into a unique item at the pipeline, but this is not working neither, because the variables I want to compare are the same (same name), for example I have got a velocity solution for item A and another one for item B, as the vairable is named the same ("VelocityX, VelocityY, VelocityZ), when I group the items only one velocity is shown, and the other is lost, so there is no way to apply a calculator filter to the group data set item as there are not two variables to compare. I also tried to chenge the name of the variable, but it did not work properly, and I should not change the declarated variable names.

Thanks for reading it and thanks in advance for the answers.

PD: I have been reading tons of manuals and I have not been able to answer those questions. Also, I have read every post in this forum relating those issues, and they didn't suit me at all. Bear in mind I've been dealing with those issues for some weeks and I have spent a lot of time working on it, but I am afraid I need a more experience opinion, and I can not solve it on my own.

MR_Chicho September 24, 2012 05:03

OP here. I found a solution for the vector creation issue. Using the calculator filter, one can create a vector by using (multiplying) the basis vectors iHat, j Hat, kHat

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