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Gian Maria September 27, 2012 08:01

Make streamlines from Fluent data
Hi guys :)

I need help, please.

I have done some simulations with Ansys Fluent with my case. Now, I want to visualize results with Paraview 3.14.1 .

First of all, I have exported simulation results from Fluent to Encase Gold case, generating some files such as
- simulation1.encas
- simulation1.geo
- simulation1.scl1/2/3/etc
- simulation1.vel

To import results in Paraview I have changed the name of the first file, from
- simulation1.encas

And it works! :D Now I'm viewing my results in Paraview.

Then, I click on "filter -> extract block" and I've extract all the wall to visualize my geometry.

It works :D

Now, my problem. I want to create streamlines, but, how can I do this? :confused:
If I use OpenFoam data I can use "filter -> stream tracer with custom source", and than, select
- input -> simulation results
- source -> inlets

But, if I try to do the same with Fluent data, I can not select anything in "source" :(

I think I need to extract inlet surfaces to assign them to "source" of the streamlines.

Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance

Gian Maria Di Stefano - Thermodynamic assistant at SUPSI (CH)

nygbook January 3, 2013 05:05

I have same question. Anybody can help me?

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