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billleung1989 October 3, 2012 06:17

How to find amplitude and wavelength in Paraview?
Hello! I am now doing my undergraduate final year project. I am using SPHysics to simulate the wave breaking and use paraview to generate animation for further analysis which require wavelength and amplitude of wave.

Please feel free to answer. Thank you very much!

wyldckat October 5, 2012 10:40

Greetings billleung1989 and welcome to the forum!

That's a very vague question... specially without any data.

Anyway, you can visually measure them with the cube axes:

For more information, I advise you to read the User Guide and Tutorials, which are available here:

Best regards,

billleung1989 October 16, 2012 20:00

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Thank you very much! And now my professor advice me to extract data and then plot in excel since it would be easier in calculation.

However, now i have a problem in extract data by using "find data" function.

As i type Pressures <= 100, it shows something like vertex or something else. I can not select the cell that pressures is smaller or equal to 100.

It can be shown in attachment.

Please feel free to help. Thank you!

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