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athlonshi October 31, 2012 20:15

Glyph filter for spray droplet visualization

I was trying to use Glyph filter to create spheres to visualize spray droplets.

I have Ensight format output and all droplets related properties, such as droplet temperature, velocity, etc. are taken in Paraview and stored in point arrays.

The Glyph filter can create spheres to represent the droplets. But in the "display" tap, the "color by" option does not contain the droplet properties. I was not able to color each individual droplet by their properties.

Does anyone happen to have a similar problem and have a solution? Or, I may need to change Ensight format output to be more compatible with Paraview?



BigBlueDart November 1, 2012 19:51

I've been using sphere glyphs for a particle tracking simulation I'm running. I haven't run into any problems like this. The data format I've been using is VTK, though. Can you try using that?

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