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miguel7799 December 1, 2012 19:04

Open FLOW_3D data results
Hi. Im trying to open some simulation results from FLOW 3D with Paraview but the extension file dont appear in Paraview options.

I need to convert the prpgrf.simulationname to other file extension?

wyldckat December 2, 2012 07:30

Greetings Miguel,

Perhaps it would be best to ask this in the FLOW-3D forum...
Nonetheless, what formats can FLOW-3D export to?

Best regards,

miguel7799 December 2, 2012 09:12

Flow 3D only export flsgrf.* file results. I just cant open with Paraview. I already asked too in FLOW_3D forum. Lets see if anyone help me.

PS: Eu também sou português. Estou a fazer a tese de mestrado no técnico. Reparei que és utilizador do Paraview. Podes se poderei obter perfis de altura de escoamento com o Paraview?

PS2: Sorry for some portuguese write

wyldckat December 2, 2012 10:54

Hi Miguel,

I've answered to your Portuguese question in Portuguese via private message :)

As for FLOW-3D, I've remembered that you might be able to export the data as sampled results in a tabular format, such as in CSV or perhaps XLS. That's one of the usual most basic export functionalities that any CFD software should have, even if it's only through a sampling filter/function of some sort.

You should then be able to import the CSV information in ParaView.

Best regards,

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