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jhapk December 13, 2012 02:49

Installing pvpython

I just installed Paraview 3.98 on my Mac OS x 10.8. The has been installed in "/Applications" folder and the "__init.py__" files are in the "/Applications/" folder. When I do "ls" in this folder, I get:

#v#                        collaboration.pyc        servermanager.pyc        util.pyc              numpy_support.pyc      
__init__.pyc                compile_all_pv.pyc        pv_compile_complete        simple.pyc                variant.pyc                demos/                                    vtk/
annotation.pyc              pvfilters.pyc                smstate.pyc                      extract_selection.pyc                vtkConstants.pyc
benchmark.pyc                      pvvtkextensions.pyc        smtrace.pyc        numeric.pyc      

I also added the address to this folder to my pythonpath. I don't know what else to do to get "pvpthon" working. Even right now when I try to import "simple" or "servermanager" in the python environment, I get the following error: "ImportError: No module named paraview".

Any ideas what can I do?

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