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Jing_min December 25, 2012 06:32

Free Surface Elevation (Profile)
I have modeled wave breaking with Fluent (VOF model).
Now I want to calculate free surface profile of the wave at a specific time.

Anyone can help me, please?


wyldckat December 26, 2012 19:24

Greetings Jing,

Just to confirm: is this a Fluent or a ParaView related question?

If it's ParaView related - I don't know what Fluent results look like in ParaView, but assuming it's like OpenFOAM, I'd say the steps would be something like this:
  1. Apply the contour filter, with only the 0.5 value, assuming 0.0 is one fluid and 1.0 is the other one.
  2. Apply to the contour filter the section cut filter.
  3. Plot in 2D:
Best regards,

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