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laurence January 16, 2013 08:00

streamlines to see vortices
Hi. I'm simulating Ahmed body case in openFoam with unstructured mesh. Now I'm postprocessing the simulation and I want to clearly see the vortices behind the body. I'm almost new of paraView, I read a lot, but all the official guides really say nothing concrete, so I need an help.

I'd like to have streamlines that follows the structures of vortices and isosurfaces of vorticity. Which filters I have to use, please tell me step by step, because till now I could only make disappear everything... I can't find the right way to use streamtracers in this case.

really thank you.


asoltoon January 30, 2013 12:04

Hi laurence,

You should 1st use Slice filter to make a plane in which you are going to draw your streamlines. Then you should use Stream Tracer filter with Line Source selected in seed type. 2points that define your line source are important in generating the best streamlines. The remaining steps is simple.


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