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bloob January 18, 2013 06:42

display tab
hi guys,

i accidentally closed the display tab. Can somebody help me where i can open it again cause i dont find it in the view an nowhere else.


wyldckat January 18, 2013 19:15

Greetings bloob and welcome to the forum!

Not much information to work with, so I'll have to guess that:
  1. You're using either ParaView 3.14 or 3.98.
  2. Possibly using Ubuntu 11.11, 12.04 or 12.10.
Taking this into account:
  1. Go to ParaView's menu "View" and choose "Display".
  2. If you do not see the menu, move your mouse pointer to the top bar on your screen, to around the middle of the top bar and you should now see the menu.
Best regards,

Robert@cfd June 11, 2013 07:54

Hi Bruno

I am forcing the same problem. I am indeed running Paraview 3.98.1 64bit on RedHat.

I can just see the "Properties" and "Information" tab, no "Display".

I want to use the interpolation settings from this tab, because I actually don't know how Paraview is interpolating data (OpenFOAM). I can plot cell arrays or point arrays but how are the point arrays actually calculated? When I use the CellDataToPointData in Paraview, the results look different from the automatically produced point arrays.


wyldckat June 15, 2013 09:01

1 Attachment(s)
Hi Robert,

The "Display" tab has moved in with the "Properties" tab as of ParaView 3.98.

Attached is an example window of the "Properties" tab, with red markings around 3 important parts:
  1. The "Properties" grouping.
  2. The "Display" grouping.
  3. And the advanced options gear button, which when activated, will add more controls to each grouping.
The filter "CellDataToPointData" has incomplete information for the boundaries, unless you also load the patches along with the internal mesh.

Best regards,

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