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Kjartan February 28, 2013 13:32

Multiple data sets
I have one data set with pressure and one with velocities(x,y,z). And I want to use a calculator to combine them. I have grouped them together, and tried to use the calculator filter. I can choose both pressure and velocity on the scalar button, but the new array doesn't appeared in the SpreadSheetRepresentation. I have also tried the python calculator and the paraview/user Guide/Python Calculator description of how to compare multiple dataset without success.

I want to plot Cp(pressure coefficient).

Any tips?

P.S. A quick question:
How can I plot only a section of my time steps in "plot section over time"?
Or choose only to use a part of my time steps in e.g. in "temporalStatistics"?

Appreciate all help

wyldckat March 2, 2013 10:35

Greetings Kjartan and welcome to the forum!

Assuming both data files have the same mesh points, I think you need to use one of the "Append" filters, instead of grouping. Problem is that I never know which one is the correct append filter... there are 3 "Append" filters, which you can start reading about here:
The other filters you mention are also in that wiki page.

Best regards,

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