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Balti March 5, 2013 05:25

Export mesh to .h5 exodus format
I try to use the library exodusii-5.14 to convert a file in .h5 format.
But my mesh is very big:
- 703 997 296 of cells
- 691 096 468 of vertices

It crashes in the ex_put_init() method.

Someone can help me? What this method does ?

Thanks a lot

Balti March 8, 2013 11:20

I need to precise my question:

It is possible to create a .h5 format file with mesh having
greater than 268 435 455 of hexahedra.

Why I ask this question? Simply because in the library exodusii-5.14 I saw there are lot of int (and not long int). And the limitation of int is 2,147,483,647.
Then if you have 268 435 455 hexahedra with 8 vertices and if we save all vertices we are above the limitation of int !

wyldckat March 8, 2013 18:23

Greetings Balti,

:confused: I'm not sure I understand why you're asking about ExodusII here on this forum. Because this forum is dedicated to using ParaView!?

From what I can find, the official discussion group for ExodusII is this one:

Good luck!

Balti March 15, 2013 08:22

Thanks, it's a good idea to post on this other forum.
But I think I found my problem: I did not use the good version of the library to do it!

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