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File March 8, 2013 12:37

Plugin for ParaView to open .neu
Hello to everybody,

I am a new user of a ParaView and already have a problem :D my supervisor gave me a mesh with an extension .neu but i cannot open it with ParaView

In a User Guide on page 258

it says that user should make a plugin from third party software VisIt and there is a url on which there is a plugin

and according to this site

I am supposed to find either .so file at VisIt site or make XML file to associate visit to Paraview

Obviously I cannot find .so file on VisIt web page so if anybody has it please send me, or if anybody has already connected this plugin on any other way please could you give me short tutorial what to download from VisIt web page and how to associate it with ParaView.

tnx :)

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