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eric_albin March 19, 2013 13:24

computing curvatures with paraview
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I am facing a problem when computing curvatures of a 3D contour in paraview. It seems that paraview does not generate smooth enough coutours to compute pertinent curvatures of the surface.
A picture S50.jpg and a source data file S50.vtk is attached to this post to illustrate the problem...
For information, the contour test sample is a discrete sphere of radius R=1 (C=1/R+1/R=2). It is generated from a 3D field using the contour filter...

Does someone have an idea how to improve the calculation of curvature?
Does it come from a bad discretization of the contour or does it come from a non-accurate algorythm of the curvature filter?

Have a nice day,

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