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Rojj April 30, 2013 09:58

2D countours on multiple 3D surfaces
Dear All,

I have created a small program to calculate the solar radiation on the various surfaces of a 3D model. The program first create a grid on the various surfaces, then it executes the solar calculations and then it saves all the irradiation values associated to the various coordinates in a simple CSV file (x,y,z,Irr).

I would like to create images like those at this link

But I am struggling when there is more then one surface involved.

For one single surface I apply the TableToPoint filter and then Delaunay for the countours. The fact is that I would like to limit the various contours to the correct surface (like in the image).

I am sure that I need to have a more sophisticated output than the current CSV and I hope I do not have to learn VTK for that.

Do you have any advice? Do you think this kind of output is even possible in Paraview?

Thanks a lot

berk May 11, 2013 20:13

Hi Rojj,

This is certainly possible in ParaView but probably not using the CSV -> TableToPoints -> Delaunay 3D approach. The Delaunay algorithm has limitations in dealing with complex 3D surface. You will have to specify a surface mesh using a mesh input ParaView recognizes such as the VTK format (polydata or unstructured grid)

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