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jojo June 24, 2006 13:28

Hi everybody,

I am using Paraview to post-process a diesel engine cylinder case. The data have been created from Star-CD using Ensight format. The visualization works with Ensight.

When I load these data into Paraview, few seconds after asking for the load of the .case file, the Paraview window disappears, as it was killed.

Does anyone have an explanation? A hardware issue is not excluded: the data is huge (numerous transient files) and the memory may be short. Does anyone know whether it is to be related to memory?

Note I work with MSWindows XP.

Thanks for your help.


Renato. June 24, 2006 14:51

Re: Paraview
Hi Jojo

is your data written in binary or ASCII format? In case of binary data, have you tried to set the byte order to "little endian"?

Are you just loading your data or trying to animate anything? When animating it's advisable to disable "cache geometry" animation setting.

Lack of memory can be an explanation though... Could you tell us how large is your model and your hardware configuration? If you're thinking this problem is actually due to a PV bug, I think you should post a message on the ParaView mail list in order to let the PV developers help you.



jojo June 25, 2006 10:53

Re: Paraview
Hi Renato,

My data are written in ASCII format. These data are transient, but Paraview crashes early, before the complete loading.

For the size of the case, this is a mesh with ~25000 cells. 10 scalars are saved as well as one spray part. The number of transient backup is about 5000 during the calculation.

For now, I try to visualize on a laptop Compaq Presario 700. 1.1GHz AMD + 240M RAM. It might be a bit short.

I am happy to read that you seem to confirm PV works well on Ensight transient data with moving mesh, do not you?




Renato. June 25, 2006 16:09

Re: Paraview
Your model doesn't seem so large for the amount of memory you cited. I guess your problem is due to the number of files and not the size of them. Even the operating system get a bit mixed up when you have a bunch of files within a directory.

Let's try some naive tests...

Edit your case file in order to load only the first 100 time steps and see what happens.

BTW, I haven't got success in animating more than 1000 time steps in ParaView yet.



jojo June 25, 2006 19:01

Re: Paraview
Hi Renato,

By altering my data files such that only the first ten files are part of the data, Paraview has load the case. There must be a limitation in the number of transient steps to be loaded.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Best Regards,


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