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Tobi May 11, 2013 05:02

Paraview problem while launching
Hi all,

I am using Paraview for 4 years now but that error I never got.
When I am running

~: paraview
I get the following error:


/home/utkarsh/Dashboards/MyTests/NightlyMaster/ParaViewSuperbuild-Release/paraview/src/paraview/VTK/GUISupport/Qt/vtkEventQtSlotConnect.cxx, line 68
vtkEventQtSlotConnect (0xb14ea0): Cannot connect NULL objects.

But there is no folder or user called utkarsh

paraFoam works but paraview not :(
Can someone give me some advice?

Thanks tobi

wyldckat May 11, 2013 15:10

Hi Tobi,

I need to know a few more details:
  • Which exact version of ParaView are you using and from where?
  • Which Linux Distribution you're using?
Because that sort of error message is somewhat normal... it's the path of the original build that gave the binaries you're using.
Even the pre-built OpenFOAM packages have Mattijs' name in the paths for the error messages :D

Best regards,

Tobi May 11, 2013 15:12

Hi Bruno,

nice to hear from you.

The problem is solved. Dont know why but during today it was working again.

I am using the PV version of the third-partys and the latest version binaries from the official homepage.


wyldckat May 11, 2013 15:25

Hi Tobi,

Then my guess is that you accidentally activated 2 OpenFOAM versions in the same terminal... which lead to one ParaView to use the Qt libraries of the other ParaView :eek:
Still only one OpenFOAM version was used out of the 2, but the ParaView versions were possibly playing around with each other's Qt :D :rolleyes:

Best regards,

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