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A_kenny_A May 28, 2013 05:58

servermanager.Fetch() vs CellArrays.Available
I am trying to map a variable onto a stl file with ResampleWithDataset with a Python-Script (client – server). The problem is that it always maps all the variables (I have 25). One variable takes about 2 minutes and because of that resamplewithdataset takes about 60minutes.
So I have tried to load only the desired variables:
Mesh = OpenFOAMReader()
Mesh.FileName = “…case.foam”
Mesh.CellArrays = [“U”, “p”]
Now I check which variables are loaded:
>>> [“U”,”p”]
this is ok. But if I check the vtkMultiblockDataset I see that all variables are loaded:

data = servermanager.Fetch(Mesh)
print data
Cell Data:
Reference Count:1
Number Of Arrays: 24
Array 0 name = U
Array 1 name = p
Array 22 name = UMean
Array 23 name = pMean …
How can I avoid to load all variables? Or how can I define, that only one variable is mapped?

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