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showerlin June 24, 2013 04:48

How to process CSV file with 2D image format?
Dear friends,

I'm new to ParaView.
I'm trying to utilize ParaView to visualize 3D surface re-constructed by series of 2D laser profile scan. Unfortunately, the native CSV file generated from the sensor software is stored all z data in a 2D array (i.e. row# = x-axis, column#=y-axis).

I could read the CSV file into ParaView and see the data table, unfortunately, I cannot move forward because I cannot convert the data table into points, I need a format with (x,y,z) as column and each row represent a point.

Is there a easy way to process this type of CSV format?
(to take the row# as x value, and column# as y value, and plot the surface of z-height?)

I spend couple hours searching on the web looking for solution, but so far no easy way to do this... either it need to involve vtk reader plugin development, or phython scripting...

I'm looking for easier way to perform this task...
if I cannot avoid those steps, could anyone advice which way is easier to implement? (vtk reading plugin requires cmake complie..., VS phython requires some other enviormental setup).

Thanks again for the big help!:)


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