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Jeff74A July 3, 2013 09:41

Problem opening Ensight File
Hi everybody,

I am currently trying to use Paraview to open an Ensight File (.case) as it should be okay as stated in the Paraview Manual.

However, I can not open this Ensight file and the following message appears :

__________________________________________________ _____________

ERROR : In C:\DBD\pvs-x64\paraview\src\paraview\VTK\IO\Ensight\vtkGeneri cEnsightReader.cxx, line 572
vtkPGenericEnsightReader (000000001379DBC0) : Unable to open file :
C:\Users\Dekstop\20130530_01.ensight\ /_01.geo000

Warning : In C:\DBD\pvs-x64\paraview\src\paraview\VTK\IO\Ensight\vtkGeneri cEnsightReader.cxx, line 573
vtkPGenericEnsightReader (000000001379DBC0) : Assuming binary file.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Here is the part of the Paraview code of the vtkGenericEnsightReader.cxx (l.572 in red) :

// got full path to geometry file

this->IFile = fopen(sfilename.c_str(), "rb");
if (this->IFile == NULL)
if (!quiet)
vtkErrorMacro("Unable to open file: " << sfilename.c_str());
vtkWarningMacro("Assuming binary file.");
this->IFile = NULL;
delete [] fileName;
return vtkGenericEnSightReader::ENSIGHT_6_BINARY;
} // end if IFile == NULL

__________________________________________________ _________

Obviously, I have a problem of geometry.

Here is the beginning of the case file to call for the file for geometry :


type: ensight


model: 1 20130530_01.geo***

scalar per element: Densite 20130530_01.den***
scalar per element: Pression 20130530_01.pre***
scalar per element: Temperature 20130530_01.tem***


- Is there a problem in the way the .case file is written to call the geometry ?
- I can not display the geometry file itself as it is coded in binary language. Could the problem come from that as well ?

Thank you very much for any help you could provide me with :).

Do not hesitate to ask any more precision or detail !

wyldckat July 7, 2013 05:52

Greetings Jeff and welcome to the forum!

Please use the "[CODE]" tag for posting code... it's explained in the second link in my signature ;)

From the description you've given, the problem seems to be because ParaView is having a hard time understanding that the file name should be "20130530_01.geo" and not "/_01.geo".

The other possibility is that the file "20130530_01.geo" doesn't exist and leads ParaView to try to look for the file "/_01.geo" instead.

Best regards,

Jeff74A July 22, 2013 03:42

Hello Wyldckat,

thank you very much for your answer.

I have finally found out where the problem was coming from : it seems that Paraview has some hard times when it comes to ENSIGHT 6 format. (I asked other people and they told me ther same thing). ENSIGHT gold is said to be better.

Thanks again for your answer.


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