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alexXx July 30, 2013 08:38

serafinTELEMAC plugin
Hi all,
I'm sorry in advance for my english (I'm french).
I have a big trouble since 2 weeks.
In order to read serafin (selafin) files with paraview, I have tried to compile paraview with the plugin. The compilation works but when I start paraview and I load the plugins (paraview->tools->manage plugins) , I have this error :

Load error : the file T:/...../SerafinServerPlugin.dll is not a valid Qt plugin.
status : T:/...../SerafinServerPlugin.dll is not a Paraview server manager plugin!

I don't understand the mean of this message and especialy the Load error because, the other DLL file (serafinClientPlugin.dll) works.

It's my first message in a forum so don't hesitate to tell me if something's wrong with the post..

Thanks in advance,

alexXx July 31, 2013 08:44

Hi all,

The problem has been solved!
I began to be crazy so I re-install paraview.
The trouble was in the class vtkSerafinReader (vtkSerafinReader.h).
It should be defined as VTK_EXPORT class and no VTK_IO_EXPORT class or _declspec(dllexport) !
Sorry for the inconvenience!

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