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Mahesh September 4, 2006 08:39

Animation in Paraview.
Hello Everyone.

I am trying to do animation in Paraview using transient vtk format files. I could load one file as per procedure given in the manual, and then I have to manually upload files for starting the animation.

If files are huge in number, it is very tedious. Once I load the files, I have to adjust the tracks manually otherwise animation does not go well.

Can anybody suggest me the procedure for animating transient files (vtk-format) as it is clear to me from manual or may be it is given in vts format and it works differently???

Thank you in advance.


Márcio September 5, 2006 06:43

Re: Animation in Paraview.
It also happens to me in my home computer, although it works well in my job. Since I didn't set up anything, why does it happen?

*Paraview 2.4.4 running under opensuse 10.1 at home and kubuntu 6.06 in my job.

Thanks in advance


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