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solalito August 5, 2013 20:33

Exporting exact data on paraview
Hello, I want to export data from paraview after using a Plot Over Line. I do not want paraview's interpolated numbers, I want one number for each cell my mesh has.
For example, if I just use the Save Data option, it will give me 101 numbers regardless of the amount of cells my mesh has in the desired direction. If my mesh has 11 cells in that direction, then I want only those 11 numbers.

Thank you for your help.

wyldckat August 21, 2013 11:50

Greetings Solal,

I know I've seen the answer for this topic somewhere, but I can't remember where :(

Anyway, my suggestion is that you use the following chain of filters:
  • "Extract Cells By Region" - With this you can select the cells that matter.
  • "Cell Centers" - with this you get the cell centers and the data in them.
  • "Plot Data" - with this you plot the values for the cell centers.
Best regards,

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