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Gebhard August 7, 2013 11:00

Conversion to uniform grid
Hi everyone,

I have 2D data (in .VTK files) in a quadtree structure. However, i need this data to be converted to a 2D uniform grid, in a way that i can e.g. specify the extent in X and Y direction and my quadtree gets resampled respectively.

Does anyone have an idea how this works with paraview?


Gebhard August 12, 2013 03:41

I managed to find a (partial) solution to my problem.

To get my data into a uniform grid I do the following:

1) apply 2D delaunay (otherwise the resampled data will contain holes)
2) add a plane as a source with N*M sample points
3) Resample with data set (using the plane as source)

This works pretty well.

However, for writing my data to a file in the way I need them, it seems that I'll have to implement my own writer for paraview. Does anyone have some experience with that or is there a best practice how to do this?


wyldckat August 21, 2013 11:26

Greetings Gebhard and welcome to the forum!

Without a small test case, I can't test this myself.
One question that comes to mind: Is the data you've got from the "quadtree structure", does it already look like a uniform mesh?

The only suggestion that comes to mind is to use the filter "Triangle Strips", which will sort the triangles from Delaunay 2D into a more efficient order of triangles.

Best regards,

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