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hz283 September 26, 2013 15:40

open tecplot date format using paraview
Hi All,

Now I have a tecplot file *.tec which can be displayed correctly. This mesh is 3D fields for an unstructured mesh. There are six quantities, three coordinates x, y, z, and three physical quantities. The three physical quantities are stored at the cell centroids because I use finite volume method. The header is like this


When I open this file using the option Tecplot file (ViSit), I failed and there is no any image displayed in paraview. Does any body know how can I correctly this kind of tecplot in paraview? I use paraview 4.0.1. Thank you very much.

wyldckat September 29, 2013 04:34

Greetings hz283,

AFAIK, ParaView is only able to open some types of Tecplot file formats. Information on this seems to be limited, but here goes:
If you can choose another file format, I believe that "Ensight Gold" is easier for ParaView to load.

Best regards,

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