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paracoder October 15, 2013 13:08

Select Points through Polygon
Hey guys,

I have a cubical volume out of which I need to extract an irregularly shaped subVolume.

I like the Select Points With Polygon option for surfaces. But it does not seem to work with Volumes. I am looking for something like Select Points THROUGH Polygon, such that I draw a Polygon on a surface using my mouse, and all the points through the Polygon into the cube get selected.
Can someone please tell me how this can be done?

Or Alternatively, if you can tell me how to extract an irregularly shaped subVolume inside a cubical volume, that would help too.


wyldckat October 19, 2013 12:23

Greetings paracoder,

That is not an easy feat to achieve, although I vaguely remember that there are 2 buttons for point selection in ParaView, where one is surface base and the other is done through the whole volume.

ParaView also has got a "Selection Inspector" which can be turned on from the "View" menu. This gives you some more control over the points to be selected.

The spreadsheet view ( can give you the remaining control over the selection, since it allows you to manually select the points directly from the global list.

If all else fails, try the "Extract Cells By Region" or the "Clip" filters, which can expose a bit more the contents of the data.

Best regards,

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