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Steven November 15, 2006 00:20

macro for Paraview
Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone has experience before in writing macros for Paraview postprocessing.

The thing now is that I have multiple files of an unsteady flow, and I was hoping to use Paraview to output the plots.

For Tecplot, it is very easy since we can output the data at different time steps using different Zones. I also know how to write a Tecplot macro. But Paraview does not have the Zone file format. And it'll be very tiresome to open and print the plots for all the paraview vtk files.

And Tecplot requires $...

It'll be good if I have a sample macro file which may look like this:

Loop N = 1 to 100

Open <file>.N

Show <pressure>

Set contour levels

Save as <file>N.bmp End loop

Any advice anyone? Thanks!

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