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PietroG December 4, 2013 06:43

Save VTK-LINES file with attributes for filter "Tube"
Good morning to everyone,

I have a set of curves with different radius. I would like to save these curves as "VTK LINES" with the radius as attribute so that when paraview loads the file it uses automatically the filter Tube with the correct radius saved in the VTK file.

My problem is that I do not know how to "tell" Paraview to load automatically the filter TUBE with a certain radius.

Does anyone know the answer?

Thank you in advance!


wyldckat December 25, 2013 12:09

Greetings PietroG and welcome to the forum!

Mmm... the filters usually are not applied automatically when a file is loaded. The only way to do so would be to rely on a "state" file, namely the ones with the extension "*.pvsm". And this would require the original VTK file to always have the same name.
In other words, you need to open at least once the VTK file in ParaView, then apply manually the filter Tubes and configure it accordingly to your needs. Then from the menu, choose "File -> Save State".

The only other possibility I can think of relies on a macro/Python script. Here's a nice example: post #14

Best regards,

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