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Harish December 21, 2006 21:26

vtk example file
Can someone send me a sample vtk data file for a two dimensional structured grid with scalar data.

My email id is


simone December 24, 2006 17:34

Re: vtk example file
hi there harish, I am looking for the same thing; could you forward it to me once someobody sends it to you? thanks a lot,


simone marras

rt December 25, 2006 07:51

Re: vtk example file
hi harish and simone,

i don't has that, but propuse to write it yourself instead of waiting for somebody, it is very simple task. It is needed to look at vtk file format document, you can download it from this link:

also look at vtk data files probably you can find it here (

simone December 25, 2006 11:18

Re: vtk example file
hi everyone, i actually wrote it myself, becaus eas you said, it is quite easy but i dont understand why i can only view the external contour profile of ym domain and no the actual grid. Anyway, if the file i write is correct, I might be using the software in the wrong way. Ill post mine onc ei get it to work properely,

regards and thanks


rt December 25, 2006 13:42

Re: vtk example file
do you use your in-house vtk code or vtk based software such as paraview?

if you use your in-house vtk application, you can directly import and manipulate your data witouth writing vtk file (i use this option), also vtk has some class for import/export of data of some software such as ensight, fluent, ... (look at help).

Harish December 25, 2006 13:52

Re: vtk example file
Thanks for the link.I wrote it myself and used mayavi to view it instead of the vtk toolkit.

Regarding viewing grid it was very simple in mayavi.


simone December 25, 2006 14:15

Re: vtk example file
im using paraview, and im afraid that is the problem. The file is wirtten like explained in the file format documentation

thank you again


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