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vertical wall February 2, 2007 05:22

need help with Paraview
The PV version I have gives this "disabled" message from the help menu. Could it be the reason why I can't view results from my model (about 1.3 million cells)?

Runtime information: Software Rendering: Disabled Satellite Software Rendering: Disabled Stereo Rendering: Disabled Offscreen Rendering: Disabled Tiled Display: Disabled Using RenderingGroup: Disabled Render Module Used: LODRenderModule Network Configuration: (none) Cave Configuration: (none) Compositing: Enabled PlayDemoFlag: 0 DisableRegistry: 0 CrashOnErrors: 0 StartEmpty: 0 ParaViewScriptName: (none) InternalScriptName: (none) ParaViewDataName: (none) ClientServerConnectionTimeout: 0

Renato. February 2, 2007 06:54

Re: need help with Paraview
I don't think so... it's only an "about's screen" telling you which compiled features your PV version has. Note that the PV binaries distributed by Kitwares contain all basic features necessary to open most of the data supported by PV. Probably your problem is due to the data format you're using. By the way, what data format are you using? Is it supported by PV?



ps.: 1.3 million of cells is not so much for a regular machine. I'll give you an idea: I already worked with 2.8 million of tetrahedra (505,478 nodes) in a Dell latitude D600 laptop (Centrino 1.6GHz, 1 GB of RAM, I forgot the video board model). The data was written in Ensight's Gold format.

undulating wall February 3, 2007 03:58

Re: need help with Paraview
thanks! I guess the number of cells is not the problem, neither is the error messages then. I transferred my data from Star-CD into Ensight format. I could see something appear on PV screen... the domain but couldn't make out anything else out of it! Maybe cause I'm still learning this PV thing. A manual would surely help! :)

Renato. February 4, 2007 13:30

Re: need help with Paraview
Are your Ensight files binary or ASCII? The Ensight case file is a simply ASCII file which points to other ASCII or binary files containing the geometry, vector, scalar and tensorial results. Check if you have the lines corresponding to the result files, for example:

type: ensight gold

model: file.geo

scalar per node: pressure file.scl
scalar per node: scalar file.scl
vector per node: velocity file.vec

without the VARIABLE section I'd be able to open only the domain (geometry) as you told.

By the way, Ensight has an utility called ens_checker which you could use to verify if your files are ok or not. If you don't have Ensight installed you can get a trial copy and use the ens_checker.



extract wall February 6, 2007 00:27

Re: need help with Paraview
Hi, thanks for your help! It was wonderful! It was in ASCII format but I am not sure how to check using the ens_checker. How to do this in Ensight Gold? I hope u can help. I tried to filter and extract surface btu the software seems to hang for a very long time although the progress button on bottom right says 95% for more than 10 mins.

curved wall February 7, 2007 05:23

Re: need help with Paraview
Hi! I still hope u can help with the ens_checker. I can't locate where it is. For the shell surface I managed to extract it by extracting dataset instead (referring your older posting). So, I got to plot the pressure contour on the shell surface now. Next, I want to do particle trace around the shell surface. If u be so kind to tell me where to start for this particle trace?

p/s: I noticed the contour plots for PV is very similar to Ensight. Are all plots on your webpage done by PV or a mix of PV and Ensight as well, Renato?

Renato. February 8, 2007 08:22

Re: need help with Paraview
ens_checker is just an utility distributed by CEI with Ensight to "check" case files. You may find it in the binaries's directories of Ensight. It's very simple to use, just issue the command and fill the prompt with the name of the case file you're intending to check. Again, ens_checker is a _CEI's_ program (not Kitware) and not freely distributed, so, you must have, at least, the Ensight's trial copy installed.

>> want to do particle trace around the shell surface. If u be so kind to tell me where to start for this particle trace? <<

I guess PV can't do particle trace but you can create streamlines around the surface by using the stream tracer filter over a volumetric dataset.

>>> Are all plots on your webpage done by PV or a mix of PV and Ensight as well <<<

those plots are mixed. The oldest are Ensight's plots. After I started using PV I left Ensight behind and don't use it anymore (but the quality of the Ensight's produced images and better than those produced by PV).



compliant wall February 19, 2007 22:46

Re: need help with Paraview
Hi Renato! Your help is very useful! Thanks! I've got the streamlines around the body now. But, the plots are peculiar depending on the values I use. Sometimes the streamlines appear unrealistically e.g. a few lines near the symmetry plane were not smooth but edgy (like 3 lines connected at sharp angles). Sometimes the lines stopped abruptly halfway around the body, even after I changed the values drastically. Do u have suggestion for these values or setup for the stream tracer? Can we also do "live" streamline plots as in Ensight? (Sorry I got so many questions).

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