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AdamAL February 20, 2014 18:01

How to hide cell boundaries.
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I have a set of files exported from Fluent in Ensight formtat. They load alright into Paraview (after changing the case file to '.case'-extension).

I then do something basic. Say, create an isosurface with the Contour filter. The surface is found and displayed, but the grid is still showing. How do I turn this off? Under Display (in the properties for the contour), the Representation is set to Surface (i.e. not Surface With Edges - which, if selected, renders the grid in another color).

I have attached a screenshot to illustrate.

AdamAL February 21, 2014 12:05

Use Multi-Block Inspector
For the future googler:

The data from my Ensight Case export from Fluent was read by Paraview as a "Multi-block Dataset". It seems the field data and the mesh are stored in different blocks. What I needed was then to control the visibility of those blocks. Well:

View>Multi-Block Inspector

is what I was looking for. Specifically, only the blocks that had names corresponding to the material parts (in my case blocks with names containing 'fluid'), were the ones I wanted to show. More specifically, the mesh seemed contained in autogenerated (by Fluent) blocks prefixed with 'int'.

adrianabm December 10, 2015 15:37

thanksssss !

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