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macfly March 20, 2014 15:33

Representation "Surface" is displayed correctly, but Representation "Outline" is not

I load ensight files in Paraview (case file, geo file, scalar files). These files have been exported from a Fluent model.

The surfaces of my geometry are perfectly displayed by default (Representation => Surface). But then I want to show only the edges of my geometry (Representation => Outline) and this is where Paraview doesn't display my geometry correctly. Some edges are missing, etc.

Any idea what's wrong? Thanks.

wyldckat March 21, 2014 18:09

Greetings François,

A picture showing what you see in Outline mode would be helpful.
In addition, have you tried the fit into screen button? (I can't remember the exact name of the button...)

Best regards,

macfly March 21, 2014 20:41

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Hi Bruno,

Sure, here are some pictures. I can't show the entire geometry. It's the front view (x-y plane) of a 3D geometry. The first picture is from CFD-Post. When Fluent data is loaded in CFD-Post, it shows the edges of the geometry by default, as shown in the picture. The second picture is from paraview with Representation => Outline, many edges are missing.

Everything else is ok in Paraview. The data is ok, contour plots are ok, zone plots are ok, etc. It's just that I find it very convenient to display the outline on top of contour plots, but the outline is totally wrong..

There is a 'Reset' button and a 'Zoom To Data' button but it doesn't fix the problem.

Maybe I should build a test geometry in Icem-CFD, e.g. a cube, then add geometry features (extrusions, etc.), run a simple Fluent model and post-process in Paraview and see if Paraview fails to display the geometry at some point.

wyldckat March 22, 2014 05:39

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Hi François,

Perhaps you're expecting a different feature from ParaView. "Outline" in ParaView only refers to the bounding box of the whole data set or the bounding boxes for each block in a multi-block data set. The reason for this is efficiency, for seeing the overall location of the data.

What gives the outline of the geometry itself, namely what you're looking for, is the filter "Feature Edges".

Attached is a nice example of "Outline" vs "Feature Edges", where the following details can be seen:
  • In the first image shows how to check if you're data is formatted in a multi-block dataset.
  • The second image shows that the filter "Extract Surface" might be necessary as an intermediate filter for "Feature Edges".
Best regards,

macfly March 22, 2014 10:54


You made my day. :D

I need to add 2 filters: Extract Surfaces => Feature Edges

In the Properties tab of the Feature Edges filter, I select only 'Feature Edges' and I get what I'm looking for.

Thanks a lot. I'm totally converted to Paraview now! What a great open source.


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