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Zato_Ichi May 8, 2014 06:23

ParaView 1D plots
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Hello !
I'm stuck in a problem with simple 1D plotting. I have file that looks like this:
t p T
0.0 1.0 300.0
0.1 1.1 310.0
0.2 1.0 301.0
0.3 1.4 305.0
..... ....... ......
10.0 1.3 3000.0

Several hydrodynamic variables are written in several columns. So I want to plot curves p(t), T(t), etc. But unfortunately I cannot see any way to visualize it properly. I have tried visit and paraview with different combinations of readers but neither of them worked. Maybe you can suggest how I can manage this problem without serious changes in my file. I've attached example to this post.

Thank you in advance !

wyldckat June 15, 2014 11:43

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Greetings Ivan,

I've been meaning to look into your question sooner, but only now did I manage to have some time to look into it.

The problem is that your CSV file is not abiding to at least the simpler convention of the file format: - as you can see, the idea is to have commas (,) separating the values.

The attached file to this post should work as intended.

Best regards,

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