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filipedireito May 8, 2014 19:46

Load State problem with ResampleWithDataset

I use ParaView to post-process ensight-gold files exported from Fluent.

One of the things I do is a ResampleWithDataset (using a plane as input).

As I have several similar cases, I wanted to have a saved state, so that I could apply it to quickly post-process any case.

The problem is with ResampleWithDataset. When I do "Load State", even with the original source file, ResampleWithDataset does not work - it has no data! Therefore, every filter "below" it do not have data neither. (But non-related filters work fine)

Is there any solution? Or am I misinterpreting the goal of Save/Load State?


wyldckat May 10, 2014 06:43

Greetings Filipe,

It might depend on the ParaView version, in the sense that this is very likely a bug that may or may not have been fixed already... and if it hasn't been fixed yet, was either because a bug report has been filled out yet or because there isn't enough information for reproducing the bug :(
In essence, this isn't the first time I saw problems with the load state not being able to fully recreate a saved state.

When these kinds of issues arise, a way to go around this is to resort to Python scripts. The Python trace feature in ParaView should help setting up most of the base code, but some additional settings might have to be added manually to the resulting script:

Another way is to select the tree of filters you've applied, right click on one of the selected items and click on "Create Custom Filter...". It will create a combo filter that can then be used for performing several operations in a single go.

Beyond this, if you can share an example case and steps, I can give it a try with various ParaView versions, to check if there is any version that doesn't have this particular bug.

Best regards,

filipedireito May 28, 2014 16:41

Sorry for my late reply. I was out of my work, for the last weeks.

My problem was happening in the windows pc I have at work, so I followed the sugestion of trying different versions, and made the same procedure in my mac. It worked perfect! Thank you!

filipedireito May 28, 2014 16:42

Concerning the case files, I will have to ask my professor if and which ones I can share...

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