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Maurice Waldner April 30, 2008 10:21

Average of SLICE in Paraview
Hi all

I am relatively new to CFD postprocessing and use Paraview as the main tool to visualize CFD data (generated by Fluent). The results were exported from Fluent in the EnsightGold format. Reading this data into Paraview is easy and robust.

I wanted to calculate the average / mean value of a slice. To display the data of this slice is no problem at all (e.g. temperature distribution). I want to determine the average temperature on that slice (or the median), and the standard distribution. The median filter is shaded in grey and not selectable, however. Is there any way how to calculate the average in a simle way?

When I used the Integrator to integrate all temperature values, and divided manually by the number of cells or points, no sensible result was yielded.

Is it also possible to export the temperature values of that slice in an easy way to Matlab or Excel?

I am grateful for any help. Thanks!! Maurice

aerothermal June 13, 2012 18:16

1. use slice filter
2. use integrate filter
3. select in spreadsheet --> cells value and look at area variable
3. use calculator or python calculator to divide T/Area --> you have an average value

SamMallinson January 9, 2014 23:50

Average for slice

samz March 27, 2014 11:14

slice area
Hello everybody

I'm new in CFD and I would like to know how to get the area when using the slice function.

My objective is to use this area for calculation of mean value of temperature on that slice.

Thank you very much for your help

SamMallinson March 27, 2014 19:11

After you have created your slice, insert the filter "Integrate Variables" (Filter>Alphabetical>Integrate Variables).

Hit apply, and the Integrate Variables panel appears to the right of the Layout.

Select Attribute "CellData" - which calculates the area, and displays the value in the Area column.

samz March 28, 2014 16:58

Thank you very much

All is clear for me now

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