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MateuszZb July 1, 2008 14:24

OpenFoam - problems
Dear All

Recently I have started working with OpenFOAM and I have approached different problems:

1. Each time when I want to open OpenFoam by typing FoamX the message occur saying: "FoamX: command not found". I tried to type it in a different directories. To start I have to repeat installation procedure from the beginning. What I am doing wrong?

2. I can not open ParaView. Typing paraFoam in the command window, the message says that: "paraFoam: command not found". How can I solve this problem? I was trying to open first ParaView than read data from the output files but all of them are in the .c format and ParaView soft can not read it. Is it some other way to visualize results? How to fix this problem?

Could you please help me or suggest some solution? I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best


Ahmed July 1, 2008 14:57

Re: OpenFoam - problems
You can download the linux distribution CaeLinux, it has all these programmes correctly pre installed.

MateuszZb July 1, 2008 17:46

Re: OpenFoam - problems
OK, thanks a lot.

Now I have installed Ubuntu and ohnestly I am beginer. Do you have any clue how to solve my problem in UBUNTU?

Ahmed July 1, 2008 18:33

Re: OpenFoam - problems
I am kind of confused, what is going on here? I posted this reply ages ago. How come it has today's date on my message.

I would still recommend you to over ride ubuntu and install cae-linux. If you wanna keep ubuntu, just make sure that you unpack your binary files in right order. It should work.Its very easy to install Openfoam. If you have problems you should be able to receive help from OpenFoam forum.


Ahmed July 1, 2008 18:59

Re: OpenFoam - problems To Johnas
That previous answer is not me, that is another peeping Ahmed. I do not post rude answers. Like you, I am new to the linux operating system, I have opensuse installed on my computer, but still cannot manage it, so I opted for the caelinux solution. Johnas, I guess it is time to implement a pre-registration system, all these peeping funnys will disappear, give it a try, thanks

andy July 2, 2008 09:44

Re: OpenFoam - problems
> Now I have installed Ubuntu and ohnestly I am beginer. Do you have any
: clue how to solve my problem in UBUNTU?

I recently helped someone new to Linux (64bit RHEL) install OpenFOAM and it took a few hours of working out what was missing/failing, fixing it and then compiling some more. None of the issues had anything to do with CFD just the somewhat odd way that OpenFOAM is organised.

I would suggest you need to find someone at your end that knows about compiling C++ on Linux and knows how to spot missing/out-of-date dependencies. Most people that have used Linux/OSX/Solaris for a few months to do scientific-like work are likely to have that knowledge.

Ahmed July 2, 2008 14:26

Re: OpenFoam - problems
This Ahmed chap is so fliping rude. Get a life dude.


jdc July 4, 2008 02:31

Re: OpenFoam - problems
Sounds like an issue with your path. In a shell window, type:

echo $PATH

I agree with Andy that someone with experience of Linux would probably fix the problem quickly. You may have to twik your .cshrc/.tcshrc to get the right path. You may also have to twik the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

CAELinux might be the easier way. If my knowledge is up-to-date, it is designed to boot straigth from a DVD - meaning that you don't have to install the operating system on your computer.

Regards Julien

MateuszZb July 21, 2008 16:16

Re: OpenFoam - problems
Thank you very much for your replays. I have handled problem with installation. All the best and talk to you soon probabaly with other problems :)


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