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arjun14 June 9, 2015 17:14

Forces over Cellzones
Hi All

I created an actuator disc model of a propeller. The actuator disc is itself a separate cell zone. I want to calculate the Thrust generated by the propeller/ actuator disc.
I am vaguely aware that I can either use the controlDict to calculate it at runtime or use pressure integration over the disc area to find the force.

But, I am currently stuck as I am not sure how to pursue either of those. Please let me know if anyone knows how to do that or if there is a better way.



alta June 12, 2015 19:02

I feel you'll have to write some code to perform the integration to find the thrust force. You can post some data and images so that I can have a better understanding of what you have.

arjun14 June 13, 2015 13:44

Is there anything specific that you need? I cannot attach the data files here as they are too big. If you could give me your email address.


alta June 13, 2015 16:33

You can send it to It's better to have a small case for illustration purpose.

lebc November 27, 2016 14:44

Hi guys,

Have you managed to solve this issue?

I have the same problem, but in my case I need to calculate the Thrust on a wind turbine.



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